Grace Kelly Royal Wedding (1956)

Documentary on the Marriage of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier

Lovely documentary on how Grace Kelly became the Princess of Monacy. You also get to see the wedding.

Footage from the wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier in 1956 in Monaco. See here how the movie star is wed to the prince becoming princess of Monaco.

Monaco, Monte Carlo.

GV. Monte Carlo harbour (title super over). SCU. American film star Grace Kelly and her groom Prince Rainier of Monaco, standing waiting to receive people at reception – a gentleman comes in and is introduced to Prince and Miss Kelly. CU. Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly chatting to the first man. SCU. Pan of the presents showing tea services, glasses and a film projector, camera pans showing various ornaments. SCU. Tureen-like object, camera pans showing meat dishes etc. SCU. Expensive cigarette box surrounded by other expensive gifts. SCU. More presents. LV. Opera house (night time). LV. Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly walking onto balcony, crowd standing looking up. SCU. Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier standing on balcony facing audience. AS. Monaco Cathedral. SCU. Carved figures on top of Cathedral. LV. Grace Kelly walking down line of sailors with her father John B. Kelly. They enter the church. SBV. Line of sailors, Grace Kelly and father making their way into Cathedral, partially hidden by sailors. LBV. Prince going up steps into Cathedral.

SCU. Grace Kelly at the altar with father arriving. CU. of Miss Kelly standing in front of the altar and she is adjusting her veil. SCU. Miss Kelly standing waiting, the Prince in background and starts to walk forward, arrives there and makes the sign of the cross – he turns and smiles at Miss Kelly and then straightens himself up in preparation for ceremony. CU. of the couple standing before the altar. SCU. Back view of the ceremony going on Monsignor Marella continuing with ceremony (nat. and comes in at the beginning of the scene). GV. Wedding ceremony still in progress. TS. CU. Marella hands the ring to Prince Rainier. SCU. Prince putting ring on Miss Kelly’s finger. GV. Inside Church back view Miss Kelly and the Prince start to kneel. SCU. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly looking on SCU. The Prince and Miss Kelly kneeling with heads bowed and eyes closed – Miss Kelly looks up nervously while a page boy in the background turns and talks to another page boy – Miss Kelly lowers her head again only to come up with her head again as though wondering what all the noise is about. CU. Prince. CU. Miss Kelly. AS. of part of the church with cross on top LV. of the Church doorway Miss Kelly and the Prince coming out. SV. the pair of them coming down steps followed by little bridesmaids and page boys. GTV. of massed crowd. SV. of the car waiting outside – Princess Grace steps into car and the Prince goes round to get into other side. LV. of the car just leaving and the motor cyclists. STV. to come up behind – car coming towards camera. STV. to crowd. GV of the car going into the Palace followed by Police escort on motor cycles, car goes into gate.

(FG.) (Orig ‘C’)

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Source: Grace Kelly Royal Wedding (1956) – YouTube